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Fotoaparatas Sony A7 Mark III 28-70 Kit+ 300 Eur susigrąžinama+papildoma 1-erių metų garantija

  • Fotoaparatas Sony A7 Mark III 28-70 Kit+ 300 Eur susigrąžinama+papildoma 1-erių metų garantija

    Kodas: ILCE7M3KB.CEC
    197900 Sutaupykite 33200
    Pasiūlymas galioja iki 2024-07-31
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    Fotoaparato tipas
    Maksimali vaizdo raiška
    6000 x 4000
    Efektyvūs vaizdo taškai
    24 mln. taškų
    Vaizdo jutiklio dydis
    ~ 35.7 x 23.8 mm (FF)
    Atsparumas aplinkos dirgikliams
    Atsparus drėgmei ir dulkėms
    Garantinis laikotarpis
    24 mėn.
    Objektyvo jungtis
    Sony E / FF
    Virpesių slopinimas
    Taip, 5-jų ašių jutiklio postūmio
    Maksimalus užrakto greitis
    1/8000 s
    Užrakto sparta
    10 kadrų /s
    Maks. filmavimo raiška
    4K (3840 x 2160) 30 k/s
    Papildomas vaizdo ieškiklis
    Ieškiklio raiška
    2 359 296 taškų
    Ekrano tipas
    Paverčiamas, lietimui jautrus ekranas
    Ekrano dydis / raiška
    7.5 cm / 921 600 taškų
    ISO jautrumas
    100 - 51 200
    Židinio nuotolis
    28-70 mm
    Maks. diafragmos reikšmė
    F3.5 - 5.6
    Fokusavimo taškai
    SD/SDHC/SDXC, Memory Stick Duo/Pro Duo/Pro-HG Duo
    USB / HDMI
    + / Micro D
    Maitinimo šaltinis
    Ličio jonų akumuliatorius NP-FZ100
    Maitinimo elemento ekspl. trukmė CIPA sąlygomis
    ~ 710 kadrų
    126.9 x 95.6 x 73.7 mm
    650 g (kūnas)
  • The Sony α7 Mark III has a new generation of 24.2 million pixels. pixels Exmor R™ CMOS sensor with a back-illuminated structure that increases the efficiency of light collection per pixel and reads data twice as fast, and the latest BIONZ X™ image processing module achieves 1.8 times faster data processing capacity compared to the α7 II., while reducing noise in large sensitivities and a huge dynamic range at low sensitivity settings.
    The standard ISO range has been increased to ISO 100-51200 (with possible expansion to ISO 50-2048007), detail recovery and area-specific noise reduction technologies have been implemented. Thanks to the updated CMOS sensor and image processor, a dynamic range of approximately 15 stops is achieved at low sensitivity. This ensures smooth transitions from shadow to highlights and incredible overall performance at all settings and in all shooting conditions.
    This new full-frame model also has 14-bit RAW format output, which can even be used in continuous shooting mode or when shooting with an electronic shutter. Camera shake is compensated for by an internal five-axis stabilization system that works with any lens. The stabilization system uses a stabilizer and gyroscope sensors and algorithms to achieve a shutter speed advantage of 5.0 stops.
    The camera has significantly improved focus levels, including 4D FOCUS™ capabilities. The α7 Mark III has 425 contrast-detection AF points that work in conjunction with the 693 phase-detection points inherited from the acclaimed α9 model. This innovative AF system covers approximately 93% of the frame, ensuring reliable focus, even on the most difficult-to-focus subjects. The camera has also seen significant improvements in AF response and tracking, almost doubling low-light focus speed and tracking speed.
    Eye AF is now supported in AF-C mode as well, resulting in greater accuracy when shooting portraits. One of the improvements to focus flexibility is the focus point selection joystick. You can move the focus point quickly and accurately using the directional joystick. You can choose and move the focus point intuitively, so you won't miss great opportunities when shooting moving subjects. The α7Mark III also has a touch focus function, which allows you to intuitively drag the focus frame with your fingers on the screen to the desired position of the frame while looking at the viewfinder.
    The α7Mark III is capable of up to 10fps continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking and up to 8fps burst shooting in live view. The camera also supports silent shooting (electronic shutter) at up to 10 fps with AF/AE tracking and maximum resolution. approximately 177 JPEG (standard) images, 89 compressed or 40 uncompressed RAW images can be recorded in one continuous burst.
    The camera has two media slots, an SD card (UHS II compatible for fast data recording) and an SD/Memory Stick. Both cards in the slots can be used at the same time: to record or transfer images; For separating RAW data and JPEG data or movies and photos; to copy data from one card to another. In addition, if there is fluorescent or artificial lighting in the working environment, users can activate the anti-flicker function, which automatically detects and selects the shutter speed to reduce the effect of flicker on the photos. This reduces any exposure or color anomalies that can sometimes appear at the top or bottom of the frame when shooting at high shutter speeds. 

    The new α7Mark III is also an exceptional video camera, offering 4K resolution (3840x2160 pixels) full-frame video recording. Scanning all pixels without stitching in full-frame mode captures about 2.4 times more data than 4K movies (QFHD: 3840 x 2160), reducing moiré and jitter. Full frame or Super 35mm mode can be selected. In addition, 4K recording is in XAVC S format with a bitrate of 100 Mbps. The α7Mark III features an HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) mode that supports the Instant HDR workflow, allowing HDR (HLG) compatible TVs to reproduce beautiful, true-to-life 4K HDR images. S-Log3 and S-Log2 gamma curves can be used to adjust images as desired when color grading is done during film editing. S-Log3 improves the transition from shadows to midtones and extends the dynamic range by up to 14 stops. The camera can also record Full HD movies at 120 frames per second at up to 100 Mbps for up to 60x speed-up or up to 5x slow-motion for playback.
    Long shooting is ensured by the NP-FZ100 battery, which has approximately 2.2 times the capacity of the NP-FW50 battery, allowing up to approximately 710 shots on a single charge, and the optional vertical grip VG-C3EM can accommodate two batteries. External mobile batteries can be connected to the USB Type-C™ and Universal/Micro USB ports for even longer recording times.

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